Sunday, June 30, 2013

Generating a custom logo for an event

A marketing executive contacted me with regards to an upcoming Archery Shoot with the Tucson Fire Pipes and Drums band and Precision Shooting Equipment (PSE). She inquired, whether or not, I would be interested in volunteering some time to create a logo to represent this event. I gladly accepted her invitation and the phone and email conversation commenced.

Her first thought was that most of these men & women are pretty fascinated by flames, although she was not sure if that’s too cliché’. It would be an outdoor shoot at the PSE facility. I drew a pencil sketch of a flaming archery target with arrow through the center of the bulls eye. Then I added the copy to the colored sketch and attached it to an email directed to her. She passed the rough color digital image on to the guys, in the band, to get some feedback.


The members of the band decided that they would like more focus on the Pipe and Drums for the logo itself. They thought of getting rid of the flames entirely and maybe have one of their “drums” with the logo and the arrow through that. Then insert the words Tucson Pipe & Drum around the top and “Archery Shoot” mirrored on the bottom. She had attached photographs of the drum with the Tucson Fire Pipes and Drums logo on it to her email.

Without hesitation, I did another sketch, colored it in the computer and sent it to her for the band to review. This sketch was received very well. In her words "They loved it!" The only comment was to use a brighter green around the logo on the drumhead.


I completed the final ink drawing, added the words, placed the firefighter and PSE logo's at the bottom of the image. They suggested that I was welcome to also use my logo on the final art. The last comment from the client was "It looks fabulous!"

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