Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Development of a cartooned logo

I was approached by a client with a new business. They wanted a logo created to represent their dog daycare facility. They wanted a cartoon version of their Chihuahua wearing a backpack and leaving his dark apartment to see his friends at the dog daycare. They sent me photo's of their dog to inspire me to create their cartoon family friend and a sketch of how they envisioned their logo. In the email they also gave me a very detailed description of the entire concept. My first goal in this project was to draw and color their puppy as they described him.


They liked the first version of their canine companion. The comments, once again were very favorable and incredibly specific. They wanted a more realistic rendering of the dog with less tongue showing. A smaller collar and round tag was mentioned as well as more authentic looking backpack.

The more life-like version was appreciated by the customer but it seemed to lose the comic quality they were looking for. They asked me to combine the two representations into a more Disney-like character to recapture his energy. I also exaggerated the angle of the figure to give him an exciting forward motion look.

The third image of this little guy was received very well. It was time to move on to the background image of the logo. From their very accurate summarization, I proceeded to create the dwelling the critter was exuberantly departing.

They were thrilled with the appearance of the home and the picture of the dog family hanging on the wall. The final step was to put it all together and add the copy to complete the logo.

From start to finish with all the emails and consultation between the daycare owners the logo took a week to produce. I sent the final logo in .png file format large enough to create everything from their business identity to t-shirt imprint.

Copyright © 2013 Doggie Daycare, LLC

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